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AD 2003 and SNMP

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  • AD 2003 and SNMP

    Hi folks . . . I've been asked by my boss to search out some options for getting SNMP traps from our AD 2003 DCs. We're using a network managment package named dopplerVUE (formerly NeuralStar) as our SNMP destination and network management system. This app has some WMI interfaces built in for doing polling of servers for various HW/OW related stuff; but our eventual customer wants to include SNMP trip deliveries from the DCs and IIS servers based on meeting various criteria . . .that way dopplerVUE can generate alarms to the monitoring staff if various things happen. For instance . . . he wants a trap if account someusername gets locked out . . . or a trap if the IIS server doesn't serve the page at path inetpub/x/x/x/index.html within x seconds of receiving the request.

    I've been googling around to see what the universe of SNMP trap reporting from AD DCs and IIS servers is . . .if there's something that is available either free for pay from Microsoft that would be good. Open source or shareware type stuff is no good since the eventual customer is government. Third party commercial stuff would also be good although not obviously as good as free.

    Either I'm not googling with the right terms . . . or else this really isn't something that is addressed by any obvious packages. Am I out to lunch or has this problem already been solved somewhere? If so . . .any suggestions on where to start looking? Googling Active Directory and SNMP turns up a lot of pages that talk about enabling and setting permissions on the SNMP service but I already know how to do that . . . or pages that offer both freeware and commercial AD management and reporting packages; but precious little on packages that will generate traps based on things happening within either AD or IIS.