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Deleted Sysvol directory (Was Big. oops.)

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  • Deleted Sysvol directory (Was Big. oops.)

    While trying to backup my sysvol directory, I accidentally deleted most of its contents. I have been able to undelete some of it, and I believe it was successfully replicating to another DC.

    The question is now what do I do? I can put some of the restored data back in place, or perhaps wait and see if it replicates from the other server.


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    Re: Big. oops.

    No big deal, just restore the sysvol to a different location of one of your DCs (at point in time b4 the deletion toke place), then copy all the SYSVOL data from the restored folder back to the SYSVOL folder.

    for more details goto:
    "Recovering FRS objects and files using system state restores"
    jump to the "File Recovery with System State Restoration" section.
    make sure you do everything just on one DC!!!
    after you copied everything to it's original location , go to GPMC and go through all your Group Policy Objects one by one, while doing it the GPMC would tell you that the permissions
    are all screwed up and give you an option fixing it, click on "YES".
    after that you are basically done.

    there is another way to restore your SYSVOL data , but in your case I wouldn't recommend using this method.
    How to rebuild the SYSVOL tree and its content in a domain
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      Re: Big. oops.

      Ok, thanks for the info. I was already in the process of going a different road, so i continued that and did eventually get it working.

      I ended up copying the files from the other dc that i was replicating with into the sysvol folder on the dc i was having trouble with, then stopping ntfrs on the other dc's, doing an authoritative restore on the machine in question and nonauthoritative on the others. It worked and fixed another problem i was having, as a nice bonus.

      Thanks for the input.


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        Re: Big. oops.

        authoritative restore and non authoritative is also meant for fixing problems with the JET Engine of the FRS or if all your DCs have a corruption in the FRS, in your case a file deletion does not require using this method ,but again it wouldn't harm using it if you do it carefully and follow the steps exactly - if you screw up in one of the steps you might find yourself with morph folders,etc.
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          Re: Big. oops.

          Title changed

          This does beg the question: WTF were you doing manually backing up SYSVOL and not doing a System State backup?
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