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    Hi People (first Post)

    i always read petri for help in certian areas but there is one i cannot find

    in AD on under your users details you have an 'Address' Tab

    as the companies users are already set up is there a default template somewhere i can change to automatically fill in all this information with out going through each user individually

    as all users on our list will have the same address unless I state differently

    i have been set this completely boring task of going through each user and making sure it all is up to date...but having to fill in the same information constantly is a pain under the address tab

    any quickfire way of doing this?

    running windows 2003/exchange 2003 systems

    any help would be great

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    Re: Address Details

    Open ADUC and multi-select all the users that you need to change. Right click and choose properties. There are many common properties that will be available for edit on the different tabs. There is a checkbox in front of each. Only the ones that you check will be updated when you click OK.


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      Re: Address Details

      thankyou loads

      you are a diamond....such a simple thing to try

      did try this before but where we keep a couple of sec grps and contacts in that OU i was not giving me the options

      all sorted now thankyou very much


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        Re: Address Details is good to look at too

        Please read this before you post:

        Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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          Re: Address Details

          there are many tools in Internet to set these kind of normal things in AD. like office, fax no, department, description, many attributes. The one is use is quest active roles which can be used to create templates on OU level. Hope it helps.

          alternatively u can use a script to modify the required attributes. Have attached the file , check it out

          cheers, Bala
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