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    Last year I set up a new CA on a dc when an old dc was decomissoned

    I'm not sure what they used it for before, but I mainly set up the new one just to issue a server certificate to validate wifi logons

    So in my Default GPO there's a certficate issued to servernameca by servernameca

    yet when a computer is joined to the domain and I look at the trusted root store I see the following

    a certifcate named after the domain that expired 8/17/07

    3 certifcates named after the ca server that expire 5/18/2012

    and 3 certifcates named after the servernameca that expire 6/5/2012

    I guess i'm looking for why there's duplicate and the expired certificate being loaded

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    Re: Certificate Authority Help

    is it safe to delete the default certificates that are installed when the ca is? The only one I've used is the computer template afaik


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      Re: Certificate Authority Help

      I found an article from ms on how to remove the certificates from active directory sites and services. problem solved.