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NTDS replication error - EVENT ID 2095.

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  • NTDS replication error - EVENT ID 2095.


    I'm trying to figure what happened and how to solve this. Basically, i have no control over the network where this happened, so it's kind of hard. It also look like they dont have any backup of this server...

    About a month ago Event ID 2095 appeared in the event log:

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: NTDS Replication
    Event Category: (5)
    Event ID: 2095
    Date: 2/3/2006
    Time: 6:50:44 PM i
    Computer: WIN2KDC
    During an Active Directory replication request, the local domain controller (DC) identified a remote DC which has received replication data from the local DC using already-acknowledged USN tracking numbers.

    Because the remote DC believes it is has a more up-to-date Active Directory database than the local DC, the remote DC will not apply future changes to its copy of the Active Directory database or replicate them to its direct and transitive replication partners that originate from this local DC.

    If not resolved immediately, this scenario will result in inconsistencies in the Active Directory databases of this source DC and one or more direct and transitive replication partners. Specifically the consistency of users, computers and trust relationships, their passwords, security groups, security group memberships and other Active Directory configuration data may vary, affecting the ability to log on, find objects of interest and perform other critical operations.

    To determine if this misconfiguration exists, query this event ID using or contact your Microsoft product support.

    The most probable cause of this situation is themproper restore of Active Directory on the local domain controller.

    User Actions:
    If this situation occurred because of an improper or unintended restore, forcibly demote the DC.

    Remote DC:
    USN reported by Remote DC:
    USN reported by Local DC:
    So basically, i wanted to demote the server to a member server of the domain and promote it back to a DC. I tought it was the fastest way to get around this since this server doesn't hold any FSMO role. But, when i tried to do it, it says the source server is rejecting all replication request made by this server.

    I'm wondering how i could fix this issue since i don't want to start the replication on this server to not corrupt the whole Active Directory. The 2 others DC in the domain are working well and have no problems.

    Best regards,


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    Re: NTDS replication error - EVENT ID 2095.


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      Re: NTDS replication error - EVENT ID 2095.

      I actually found an interesting link about this:

      I'm also wondering how this type of error can occur. I personally created this situation in a virtual environment with 2 virtual machines. Though, i'm wondering how errors like this could occur without human behavior.

      Best regards,