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How to allow user to Modify their info

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  • How to allow user to Modify their info


    I have given a task by management that all user information should be updated and correct, we have around 5000 users in AD.

    I am planning to allow users to modify their information using GAL32 and MOSS 2007, but afraid that if they do something wrong with their profile field then it will be a big problem to me.. (normal user will modify their title as Chaiman then....)

    one more thing I want to modify business 2 field as Extention, which is the field I have to modify on metadata using adsiedit..

    have anyone from team have completed this kind of task....if yes what are the issues faced and what are the steps taken.

    Please guide me in right direction.

    thanx in advance


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    Re: How to allow user to Modify their info

    Not entirely sure what you are looking to do so apologies if this isn't helpful but have you seen for bulk changes. Personally I tend to dislike the idea of users having any sort of control over entries in AD unless there are specific processes in place.
    You can also use things like dsadd and dsmod to bulk modify too. There are users on here with more experience with them that could help.
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      Re: How to allow user to Modify their info


      Thanks for your reply...

      I am aware of & its good for bulk modification I have used it to modify contact info..

      But my requirement is to modify
      Title :< your designation >
      Department : <Your Department>
      Pager / Ext : <Your Extention Number>
      Mobile Number :< your cell number >
      Manager :< your manager's name >
      Assistant :< your admin assistants name >

      Hey I got approval from management that allow user to modify their own attributes..

      I know GAL32, I am putting it on share drive and informing users to modify their info (praying to almighty allah that users will put their info correctly)...

      Which delegation I have to chosse in AD to allow users to modify their attributes..

      or MOSS2007 (my details) option will be the best and easy idea?



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        Re: How to allow user to Modify their info

        To cover your butt, you may want to temporarily give the supervisors permissions to see the info of their subordinates (or print out a report or something). This way, someone who should be familiar with them can check what they've entered into AD, as well as be held accountable (instead of the IT staff).
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          Re: How to allow user to Modify their info



          Just Now I have inform all Department Head to inform department admin to check the field/details which will be feed by their dept staff.

          apart from gal32 .. any tool available which will allow user to modify their details (web based) / more user frndly..

          Finally I saved my ASH.



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            Re: How to allow user to Modify their info

            There are several free/low cost web tools that will allow you to have a self-service updates for users:
            - rDirectory (community edition):
            - Directory Update:
            - AD Manager Plus:
            - Profiler from DirWiz:

            There used to be another free tool I deployed several times (OrgFinder), but its website is down and looks like the tool is no longer available
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