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Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server

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  • Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server


    I do appologize for my newness but i was unable to find a topic that said what I am trying to do, if there already is one please direct me to it.

    I am the Administrator of a small network of 1 2003 AD server with about 45 XP Pro users and 5 network printers. The old server is a makeshift one as I had a dual failure on a mirrored raid system wiping out both drives.

    I was able to bring up a quick replacement but because the prior Administrator kept no backups I had to manually reenter all the users and the enterprise AV software over from scratch.

    I have purchase a new Dell Server to become the primary server and here is what I am trying to do. I want to move everything from the current server I call old now to the new Dell server and bring up the Dell server with the same name and IP address of the old server so that all the users will reconnect to the new server without having to any of the clients to have to bring up new logon ids (e.g. station1.001 etc.).

    I have used the NTBACKUP utility to backup the system store to a client pc i am using to transition all this. The old server does not have a CD burner but the pc I am using to store the backup has both a CD and dvd burner. I have also used the NTBACKUP utility to create a larger backup of the complete old server.

    Where I am stuck is what I do next to bring up the Dell Server and make it become the old server. Can anyone direct me to where I can find exactly what I need to do to complete the server replacement?

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    Re: Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server

    I think first you should bring up the new server and join it to the domain, then make it a domain controller. Let it sit for a day or so just to make sure that everything has replicated properly.

    Once that happens, all you will really have to do is demote the old sever and create an CNAME alias in DNS that will basically point the old server name to the new server name.

    Then for an IP address, you can always add the old server IP address to network card along with the new IP address.

    Make sure you run the adprep when you promote the new domain controller and demote the old domain controller.
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      Re: Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server

      You can't just drop a CNAME without a few tweaks.


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        Re: Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server

        Have a read here and no, it is not purely an SBS tool. This will allow you to move everything across to your new server while keeping the same name, IP etc as the old server.
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          Re: Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server

          Wow Thank you for all the replys and help. Boondock I do have one question about your process because it seems the easiest (meaning I feel i have less chance of screwing it up).

          I have taken 2 backups of the server i want to replace. One is the system state and the other is a complete backup. It is my understanding that at some point and time I need to restore the system state to the new server. In the process you describe, it appears that I do not have to restor the system state and that a replication process should create a equilant system state as what is on the old server. And once that happens I can demote teh old server and the network should run completely and seamlessly on the new server. Am I understanding this process correctly?


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            Re: Replacing Old 2003 AD Server with New server

            That is correct, you will not need to restore the old system state on the new server. The replication is for Active Directory ONLY though. Both domain controllers will run side by side until you demote the domain controllers.

            Make sure you run adprep before you begin the promotion of the domain controller.

            Any applications outside of AD you have will need to be moved manually though.

            I suggest possibly performing the promotion late in the week Thurs/Fri and letting the Active Directory replicate all weekend. Then work on moving applications over on a Monday.

            Also take into consideration Meekrobe's post regarding CNAMES while performing this task.
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