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Help regarding System restore on a new PC?

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  • Help regarding System restore on a new PC?

    I am using windows 2003 Domain controller, I have taken its system state data backup recently.
    Suddenly after that my whole OS is crashed.
    Now i have done fresh installation of Windows 2003, and now want to restore System State data on that.
    My question is this that how will i perform this, either i have to install AD with the same existing domain name first with DCpromo command and then to restore system state data or just after the fresh installation of OS i can restore the system state data directly instead of installing ADS first.
    Please help me regarding the recommended steps.

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    You restore the server to the same configuration it had before, but you do not run DCPROMO:
    - partitioning
    - OS, SP, Patches, Programs

    Then, boot to AD restore mode and restore system state. Do not mark it authoritative.