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  • AD delagation/Taskpad

    I've figured out how to create and delagate control to a Taskpad, so that others in my organization can update certain information in AD. However, I cannot figure out one part:

    I've created a taskpad to give a group of assistants the authority to manage several OUs (a tree of them), which are full of only Contact objects. The assistants have the authority to create, edit and delete these contacts. However, they also need permission to create external SMTP email address for the contacts. When they try, they receive an error stating that no such object exists within the directory. I assume this is because they don't have rights to the object and therefore cannot even see it.

    In the Delagate Control wizard, I chose to create custom task, which presents me with about 200 objects for which I can delagate control. I've experimented with several of them that look promising, but so far I've been unable give them control. Does anyone know which object gives such control, or is there something else I need to be doing?


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    Re: AD delagation/Taskpad

    Are you talking about making the contacts mail-enabled?
    If so then there's this great document I've used before to setup very specific permissions in AD.

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