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Domain Removal

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  • Domain Removal

    Hi All,

    At the login promt
    - crtl-alt-del
    - i enter my user name- password
    - there are 2 domains listed
    - i use the current domain to login

    How do I delete the old domain?
    I checked the active directory on the left side I only see the current domain listed. I dont see the old domain listed.


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    Have you check Ad domains and trusts?


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      Is this a server you are talking about or a client? Is it happening on all the PC's in your organisation?
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        I have the non-working domain showing on all computers.
        Everything I get a new computer I add to and log off and I see the invaild domain.

        On my Active directory Domain and Trusts I dont see the invaild domain listed. Only see my current domain listed.

        I do the invalid domain listed on AD Users and Computers under "Systems". When I double click the invaild domain I get its properties page.In the "general" tab - it lists my current domain, under it its list "other domain" -- it has invail domain. and "Trust Type" it as External.
        When I press on "Validate" it comes back with this domain isnt found- naturally. Under "Authenication" tab there is option to that goes:
        "Selection Authentication
        Windows will not automatically authenticate users from the specific domain for any resources in the local domain. After you close this dialog, grant individual access to each server that you want to make available to users in the specified domain. This option is perferred if the domains belong to different orginizations." Right now its clicked for "Domain-wide authentication".

        Anyone have any other ideas?



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          You might try the NETDOM command from the support tools. If 'netdom query trust' shows the bad trust, you have a chance of removing it with netdom.

          If that fails, check this script by Robby Allen. If it works, get his "AD cookbook" as well. Highly recommended!


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            Where is the support tools?


            ps: newbie


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              I had another tip:

              The old domain was is listed on winlogon
              -drop down menu listed the olddomain and new

              The tip was make sure win server doesnt do the trust with old domain
              then go to the registry local key/software/microsoft/windows nt/current version/winlogon/domaincache delete the olddomain

              possbile need to restart my server that hold active directory
              right now i can still see only domain in domaincache of the pc i'm working on.


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                You still need to remove the stale trust object from AD or it will show up again on the clients.

                Support tools are on your W2K/3 CD.
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                  Ok I am back again.

                  I deleted the old domain from domain and trust selection and from users and computer section.
                  Where else should I check for any mention of the old domain?

                  -Under Active Directory DOmain and Trust clicked on properties I saw the mention of trust of the old domain so I deleted it.
                  -Under Active Directory User and Computer I clicked on "Systems" the old domain was listed there-- deleted that one.

                  I checked the pdc and the old domain doesnt show up anymore
                  however i check my other servers and I see it listed on there and as well us other client pc --I can remote to other peoples' pc and at the logon prompt I click the drop down menu and the old domain is there!
                  I checked my workstation and its not listed in there.. my boss tells me it maybe that its chached it somewhere -- and it would be fixed when we do a reboot our entire network.

                  Maybe it needs time? What ya guys think/know


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                    -Under Active Directory User and Computer I clicked on "Systems" the old domain was listed there-- deleted that one.
                    Do not do it this way. Objects in the Systems folder are not supposed to be manipulated this way. The object should have been deleted by AD after the change replicated to all DCs.

                    And you need to reboot you member servers for the change to take effect (the list of trusted domains is fetched from the DCs on boot)
                    Guy Teverovsky
                    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"