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    Hi all,
    I have a question that i have encountered during practice at my lab:
    I have a single domain forest that is based on server 2003 ENT.
    There is only one DC that functions as DC+GC+DNS+DHCP. no WINS role installed.
    In that domain i have a single Vista Ent client that is configured with static IP address- IP,SM,DG and no DNS or WINS defined. This client has a different NET ID than the DC on purpose.
    I have a domain user. When i boot up the client and try to logon Vista takes a long time and then informs me that it is not possible (for a good reason (-: ).
    When viewing the Event Viewer i find an event (in the system log) that tells me that GP was not applied to the client for understandable reasons.
    Then i change the IP address of the client to be the same NET ID as the DĒ's and try once again to logon with the domain user only this time (also after quite a while) the user is logged on (?).
    When checking the Event Viewer once more i find the same event as before stating that GP was not applied due to inabillity to cantact the DC.
    I do not believe that the reason is Cached Credentials since the user was not able to logon the first time and nothing change the second time...

    Thank you all for taking the time and reading this. All help will be appreciated.

    good day

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    Re: active directory logon

    If you client doesn't have any DNS server definated how is it uspposed to locate a Domain Controller to authenticate you?

    Michael Armstrong
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      Re: active directory logon

      Thank you for your response.
      I know... That was my question.
      I was attending MS course 5115 and the situation described in my question above derives from a LAB at the end of module 5 where this is the situation.
      In the lab answer key MS writes that the logon should be successful and that is what is not clear - how is the user logged on if there is not DNS defined on the wks? As i said before it doesn't seem to be CACHED CREDENTIALS so how can it be that the user is in fact logged on the second time ? (when the wks is in the same NET ID as the server and still no DNS is assigned to the client).

      If anyone has an idea why the system acts like that and/or what kind of mechanism is working in the background which authorize the logon request (the second time) -i'll be happy to hear your answer.


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