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Major Group Policy Stuff Up (I think)

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  • Major Group Policy Stuff Up (I think)


    I inherited a network with an SBS DC and a W2K3 DC. I have a feeling that the previous support wasn't too comfortable with the SBS Server Manager interface and created all GPO's with gpedit.msc - shouldn't really have presented a problem I suppose. Anyway, we have had issues with this network that I think were pointing to group policy problems - specifically slowdowns at logon and the like.

    Anyway, I was attempted to connect a Mac G5 yesterday and in the draft instructions from Microsoft it mentions creating a GPO to disable SMB signing. It then instructs you to enforce the GPO and make sure the link is enabled. The next step was to do a gpupdate /force from the command line - all went well but we were unable to login from the Mac. We decided to use File Services for Macintosh instead so this morning I changed the GPO created yesterday to remove the enforce option, disabled the link and deleted it. Then everything went pear shaped. Both servers went mighty slow and no-one could login they got error messages about not being able to contact the roaming profile and doing a net view on either of the servers resulted in an Access Denied 5 error message.

    I removed the link from all GPOs in the domains link (I didn't delete anything) but still could not login. I then removed the computer from the domain and rejoined and was able to login.

    Any idea what the heck has happened here? Ideally I'd like to start from scratch with policies but need some guidance - perhaps if anyone knows a good book on the topic?



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    > perhaps if anyone knows a good book on the topic?

    Jerry Moskovitz has a good one. Something like "group policy, profiles and intellimirror"