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  • New Forest / Migration


    We have domain & Forest call XYZ, now we are planing to create one more forest/domain call ABC.


    1) Wanted to migrate users/computer from XYZ to ABC domain/forest.

    we have created SMTP policy for in XYZ domain exchange server for ABC users,

    once we deployed in ABC domain how we can migrate the mailbox from XYZ to ABC
    exchange server.

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    Re: New Forest / Migration

    What version of Exchange?
    What version of Server?
    How many users?
    Business requirements/acceptable downtime etc?
    Timescale for entire process?
    What rights do you have in either/both domains/forests?

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      Re: New Forest / Migration


      Thanks for reply.

      What version of Exchange? Exchange 2003 SP2
      What version of Server? Windows 2003
      How many users? around 900 users scatters in globe.
      Business requirements/acceptable downtime etc? No Downtime
      Timescale for entire process? 2 Months
      What rights do you have in either/both domains/forests? Enterprise Access



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        Re: New Forest / Migration

        I would use ADMT for this task, since you don't have a Down Time otherwise knows as "Cut over" down time, you would have to do it in steps.
        I would not go through the ADMT process and pre requisites since it very long and there is an Excellent user guide that comes along with it.

        start by determining service accounts that run services on servers you going to be migrating.
        determine group policy changes (if there are any).
        create your new forest/domain and design prior to the migration with all your needs.

        the migration should be taken place in that Order.
        Service Accounts - in your case I would push it to the end - testing is needed
        Global Groups
        Domain Local Groups

        you can test you migration of Groups and users as many times as you would like and see if the basics work out, since we are talking about InterForest migration the migration process is actually making a copy leaving the original objects intact.

        once you see that everything is working then start with Group migration , then User Migration (make sure you migrate using SIDHistory for Users/Groups and making sure that the SID Filtering is switched off between the External Trust untill you are done with the migration process), regarding Exchange I would personally use ExMerg/PFInfo to export the MBX to PST then Import the MBX back onto the new EXCH server in the new forest.
        You should take in consideration that there are some attributes that do not migrate along with the User, the most significant one is the LagacyExchangDN.

        start Migrating Workstations along with MBX in small bulks for over time (minimum Down time).
        once you are done migrating the Workstations start migrating Servers and it's Service accounts.
        once your done you should remigrate Users/Groups updating any changes that happened during your entire Migration period.

        this is a very summarized way of doing it in general direction, you must really make a good plan and lots of testing before you actually start migration.
        I did a migration a year ago using NetIQ DMA which had it's flaws and I am working on another Migration as we speak (taking place in 2 weeks time) using ADMT, so far ADMT is pretty good although it also has its flaws but I couldn't find a major advantages a payed product had over the ADMT which could justify purchasing (I tested the DMA and Quest Migration Manager for AD v8.1 - latest).
        the Quest is very good for Exchange migration , but as I said ExMerg works gr8 for us.
        PS. one thing I didn't see you mentioned - do you have Contacts in your original Domain?
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          Re: New Forest / Migration

          Originally posted by muneer_bom3 View Post
          once we deployed in ABC domain how we can migrate the mailbox from XYZ to ABC
          exchange server.
          I'm not sure about something: do you want to migrate mailboxes (account in XYZ configured as Associated External Account on disabled mailbox-enabled user object in ABC) or both users and mailboxes ?
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            Re: New Forest / Migration


            Thanks Akila....

            Yep we do have contacts in AD and may be in the migration we do migrate the contatcs too.

            Since our company is very large so we are splitting & some products will move in new subsodary & the existing users will move in new subsidaty(new company/new forest).

            Migration will cover follwoing things
            1) User acoount with logon name & Password
            2) Mailbox from existing org to new org
            3) Computer accounts.
            4) some application which web based will be access by both forest user ..(thinking of single signon)

            5) one more thing I wanted to know, how we can implement the corporate directory (web based) looking for software/solution which will give acess to users
            using web link(http://mycompany/corporatedirectory)
            Name : Designation : conatc : photo : email address : Manager: DOB: emp code: etc