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Change Notification Failing On InterSite Link

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  • Change Notification Failing On InterSite Link


    We have 3 key sites which we wished to enable change notification on the site links so that any password changes, account lockouts, etc would be replicated at the same speed as Intra-Site replication.

    I followed the instructions here ( and have ensured that all the settings are correct, but it has not worked (been a week since the change). Any changes made are still only replicated using the intersite replication inteval of 15 mins.

    Due to corporate nework restrictions we have the following setup between sites.

    Site 1 - HQ1
    Site 2 - DMZ
    Site 3 - HQ2

    Replication is HQ1 <> DMZ <> HQ2.
    All traffic is sent via IPSEC (but with an any port rule in place in IPSEC)
    HQ1 and HQ2 have no direct connectivity, all replication is bridged via site 2 (DMZ).

    We have KCC running on Intrasite but disabled on Intersite links (these are created manually).

    Any ideas!

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    Re: Change Notification Failing On InterSite Link

    on ADSIedit you went to the configuration partition and edit your site link object and entered the value?
    if not you should do it on the sitelink object and not on the IP transport Object
    the value of site link notification disregarding Site link Schedule ,
    here are the values available:
    "1" - disregards Site link Schedule (as Intra-Site) , replicates with compression
    "4" - Replicates by Site link Schedule but without compression
    "5" - disregards Site link Schedule (as Intra-Site) , replicates with out compression.

    in your case I would also recommend disabling the "Bridge All Sitelinks" check box on the IP transport (which you may had done already).

    then make sure you got 2 site links
    make no bridging (since it is blocked anyway), make sure that DMZ DC has a GC and DNS (if the DNS is on the ForwardDNSZone/DomainDNSZone partition) or HQ1 would never be able to replicate DNS and GC to HQ2 and vise versa, since there is no bridge and no network connectivity between HQ1 and HQ2.
    then Delete all your Manual KCC connections you had created and let the KCC/ISTG do it's job creating them.
    Manually creating partners is not recommended, KCC should do it based on your site links and it will.
    BTW- who is the PDC Emulator? (I hope it is DMZ DC or password changes would never be able to be pushed onto the PDCE from one HQ to Another since it is blocked by Firewall or whatever)
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      Re: Change Notification Failing On InterSite Link

      What is your site link configuration ?
      Having site links configured manually should not be an issue.
      Guy Teverovsky
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