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AD upgrade win2K to 2K3

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  • AD upgrade win2K to 2K3

    I am considering the upgrade of our existing AD which is win2000 based, we have two DC and Exchange 2000 on win2000 machine,
    I have decided to upgrade DC first, here is what I am planning to do,

    1, Get new Dell Poweredge with win2003 on it installed (we get good deal on them)
    2, from the 2k3 CD run forestprep and domainprep on the Primary DC,
    3, Run DC promo on the new 2k3 machine and join existing AD,
    4, transfer the FSMO role from primary DC which is win2000 based to new machine which is win2003 based,
    5, If everything goes well demote both the older DC,
    6, fresh install win2k3 on one of the old DC machine and join the AD,

    I am also thinking of ghosting the Primary DC before I began the whole thing,

    Have couple of questions here,
    1, What do I have to do with the licensing? I am going to get new machine with win2K3 installed, what about CAL? If you know the answer please explain as I am very raw with the licensing,
    2, Do I have to anything on the exchange server? I read about mangled attributes, do they apply to my scenario?
    3 can I put the clone drive back as primary win2k based DC as it was before if everything does not go right?

    If everything goes well our next plan is to upgrade exchange to exch2k3,
    4, I believe I am taking right steps by doing the DC upgrade first?

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    Re: AD upgrade win2K to 2K3

    sounds a good plan to me up to a certain point, up to the Ghosting part.
    if you ghost you got to ghost both of your DC's not only one of them , since if you do decide rolling back the other DC (which you did not ghost) which already got the changes of your upgrade would replicate the changes back onto the reverted Ghost machine. in other words you did nothing.
    an authoritative restore (using the system state backup/restore) could do the trick here instead of ghosting both the machines, unless the forestprep make changes to the Schema (I don't know if it does) which in this case an authoritative restore would not restore and won't help - schema works a bit differently and can't be restored using an authoritative restore, you must restore all your DC's in the forest to the same point in time or at lease relatively the same point.

    as for your questions.

    1) No idea I work with EA/Select Licensing , so I can't help you out there on that one, sorry.

    2) not sure what you talking about , I would let some others that know better answering that.

    3) no , the reasons I mentioned before

    4) I would say yes.
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      Re: AD upgrade win2K to 2K3

      1) Licensing is no my thing. One of the advantages of being a consultant is not having to deal with licensing

      2) is your friend. All the steps are outlined in the KB.

      3) Imaging of DC in an environment containing more than one DC is not supported (read: breaks things). Never, ever image DC or bring back an imaged DC into existing environment. USN rollbacks, lingering objects and more nasty things are very hard to deal with and you will not get any support from MS if you decide to call PSS. In best case you will be told to keep one DC, cleanup the metadata of all other DCs and rebuild/dcpromo the machines

      4) Besides the above, you are on the right track.
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