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RPC Server Unavailable Solution

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  • RPC Server Unavailable Solution

    There are a lot of posts as to how to fix the RPC Server Unavailable message when trying to join a domain. Most if not all are valid. However, one seems to have escaped everyone's notice, perhaps because it is a new issue.

    When I am using a Virtual Machine, Parallels to be specific, and the networking is set to use DHCP to obtain a network address, when I try to join the domain, the network adapter resets, resulting in one of two messages that either the domain could not be found or the RPC Server is unavailable.

    I am unsure whether this is an issue specific to Parallels and their bridged networking model, to all virtual machines, or to any computer using a foreign DHCP server (foreign to the domain that is). But what worked like a charm was setting a fixed IP address and then joining the domain.

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    Re: RPC Server Unavailable Solution

    Thanks for sharing how you solved your issue slylabs13.

    PS - Thread moved to Active Directory forum.

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      Re: RPC Server Unavailable Solution

      Well Done!
      i was experiencing the same issue.
      i was simulating a dc with vmware, and could not join the domain.
      i did notice that the network did reset each time i tried.
      worked like a charm champ!

      Thanks heaps.