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Slow Logins to my Domain

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  • Slow Logins to my Domain

    Hi There,

    We are running a 180 user environment on a 2003 AD Domain . I have 2 DC's in place and run Exchange 2003 Enterprise in an Active/Passive Cluster Scenario. We have a login script and have some AD policies in place as well. We have noticed over the last few months, a steady increase in login times for specific users in my domain environment. Some people are taking up to and in some cases over 10 minutes to login. First area I checked was DNS, and although there were a few small errors which I fixed, there didnt seem to be any noticable performance improvement. We have also created a new "BLANK" OU with NO AD policy and no login script ( moved the users into it) to see if there is an improvement there, but alas, there doesnt seem to be any difference either. Am I missing something so obvious, I am gonna kick myself when I get to the bottom of it :P

    All my client PC's run XP SP2 and all are pretty much patched to recent through our WSUS server.

    We are slowly running out of ideas now, and any input is appreciated.

    Also, does anyone know of a tool which will give me detailed logs from the moment of loging in ?

    Thanks for your time .


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    Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

    Anything in the client/server logs, firewalls, dcdiag/netdiag, dns resolution ok, roaming profiles for some users, low disk space on client/server, server perfmon, AV scanning would be my first places to look.

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      Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

      Very probably the extensive delay is caused be one or more GP applied to the users.
      Moving user accounts to a new OU is not mean that higher level GPs are not applying to them (Exp from domain level).
      I suggest to focus your investigation in this direction using GP management console and Group Policy Result command line tool.
      Csaba Papp
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        Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

        Thanks for feedback . Will get on it .



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          Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

          there are two options to debug Client logon that I have at the forefront
          of my mind.

          1) check on the DC the Netlogon.log file
          2) check on the Users PC the userenv.log file

          both shoud be at the Windoes\debug folder if I am not mistaking.
          I will look in my book 2morrow morning and let you know exactly what you should be looking for.
          I got a section for Client logon troubleshooting.
          I'll keep you posted.

          Ohh P.S it might be a Computer policy and not a user Policy ,hence moving the user to a different OU would do no good, you might need to move the computer account as well and block inherited on that OU that no other Policy would apply to it besides the Default Domain Policy (you can enforce it)
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            Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

            My first suggestion would be to have a look at dcdiag and netdiag.Then enable usernv logging.u may follow the link below

            Make sure the user completely logs on and logs off!
            The default location for log files is

            One quick thing to check would be the registry and see if these registries have ur domain name or not....

            HKLM\System\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\param eters
            NV domain

            Other thing worth doing would be disabling offloads and Recieve Side Scaling...

            Post the logs if possible so we may take a look at them...


            Fazal Zaidi
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              Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

              Brilliant guys. Thanks for the tips . Will get on it asap



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                Re: Slow Logins to my Domain

                just to check, are you using roaming profiles? - they can easily grow and cause login slowdown(add a dvd iso and login meltdown)(ost, pst... grow fast too)

                if so get the user to logout and clean on the server, give them a shared dump to store stuff and a little shortcut dropper on the desktop


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                  Re: Slow Logins to my Domain


                  We dont use any roaming profiles for exactly the reasons you mentioned. BUT we have alot of laptop users so we use cached exchange mode. The OST files are between 500mb and 1500mb in size . I didnt think that OST files would have a big impact on a non roaming profiled network ?