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Unable to connect to "Users and Computers" from Wo

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  • Unable to connect to "Users and Computers" from Wo

    I hope that this is in the right forum. First I will give a little background on what I have........I am running a Windows 2003 Server, 3 Workstations, and 2 laptops all on AD with Exchange 2003 on the 2003 Server. My problems started on Friday when I rebuilt the server, because of unrelated issues. After the rebuild, everything seemed fine on the server but then the workstations could not access information on the server without having to input credentials. I figured that eventhough I named the server the same as before and named AD the same, I would probably have to rejoin the domain with the client machines. I tried this and eventhough it finally went through it took close to 20 minutes to complete the process for each machine. This is when I noticed that I could not access "Users and Computers" from the workstations anymore. It gives me an error about it "can't find the domain or it is not operational". So I rebuilt the server and a workstation but even after joining the workstaion I am still getting the same error. Also, the GPOs that I have set up are not running on the workstation. It seems that even though on the server the workstation is added to the computer list, but the workstaion isn't aware of it.

    That is a brief overview. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Kebo