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server name is changed after reboot

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  • server name is changed after reboot

    extremly weired problem !!!!

    Ive got dc server and its name is server11 (windows server 2003 standard edition with sp1)
    the suffix of this server is (for example) and the full computer name is

    when i reboot the server the full computer name is changed,
    and then somthing realy unacceptable happened : the full computer name changed to server11.server2 instead of
    the ns records (of the dns server) that was changed as well to server11.server2.

    server2 (windows server 2000 with sp4) was dc and the first domain in the forest.
    actually the problem has started after i made server11 to the first root domain and leave server2 as a mamber server on the domain.
    now server11 got all the fsmo roles and its act as the main dc in the domain.

    ive got another dc server on the same domain also with the same suffix , which is the backup dc (w2k3 sp1) that got the same problem after i reboot it.

    Ive got a child domain with different sufix that dont have problems like i mentioned above ( i can reboot it and the full computer name is not changed).

    please reponse only if you got expirience with that kind of problems

    thanks david

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    Re: server name is changed after reboot

    I've reported your double post.

    Can you tell us how your entire domain structure is laid out. It seems to me when the second DC (server11) was added you altered the domain name.
    Can you write down your exact steps please?

    From what you have below you seem to originally have had: with server2 as the only DC
    a child domain (unknown as to the name) with unknown DCs

    and you added server11 as another DC into
    and demoted server2

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: server name is changed after reboot

      first, i am really sorry about the double post.

      i want to tell you that this problem was disapear a year ago and comback again this week (1 year of quiet).

      my first post was describe exactly what you ask for.

      you described the proccess as it was except that server2 wasnt the only dc ,i have got server4 as the bdc.

      thanks ,