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Changing a Group's Display Name

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  • Changing a Group's Display Name

    We had a mail enabled group named '_IT Dept' which was renamed to '_IT Senior Staff'. I then created a new group called '_IT Dept' and moved the smtp from the original group to the new group. This was/is working fine until I started to test SharePoint service 3.0 (SP) when I noticed the display name of '_IT Senior Staff' was displayed as '_IT Dept' when using the SP search to assign a group to a task.

    I thought I would start over, so I deleted the new '_IT Dept' group and renamed the '_IT Senior Staff' back to '_IT Dept'
    After deleting the '_IT Senior Staff' group I have noticed that when using the SP search to assign a group to a task it is still displaying the group '_IT Dept' as display name and 'domain\_it senior staff' as Account Name.
    This account is no where to be found in AD?

    Any suggestions on how to clean this up?

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    Re: Changing a Group's Display Name

    Are you looking in Outlook for this info? Cached mode means your address book only updates at certain times so won't always be current.

    In AD check through all of the tabs as you have a few ways of seeing names of an account. Username, display name, alias, pre-windows 2000 login etc.

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      Re: Changing a Group's Display Name

      No, I was in SharePoint assigning a task to a group when I noticed it. The account '_IT Senior Staff' was deleted last week but is still showing in SP. In ADUC it can not be found.