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DNS Lookups are not correct.

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  • DNS Lookups are not correct.

    Hello All,

    New to setting up an Active Directory. I followed the great tutorials from this site to setup my DNS and AD on a Win2003 server:

    1. "How do I install and configure a new Windows 2000 DNS server to prepare for a new AD Domain?"
    2. "How do I install and configure Windows 2000 DNS server?"
    3. "How do I install Active Directory on my Windows Server 2003 server?"

    All went well and I have my AD setup and can add users, add machines etc.

    Domain name resolution seems to be working correct from a web browser. I can open IE on the AD machine or a client machine and get to this site, google, etc.

    However, if I use NSLOOKUP, I get some strange behaviour.

    For example, our AD domain is
    If I do an NSLOOKUP for the AD machine (named AD), I get back which is correct.

    However, if I do, I get back

    That's strange. How can I fix that?


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    Re: DNS Lookups are not correct.

    Hope, it will answer your query:

    Kapil Sharma
    Life is too short, Enjoy It.