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ADC - Exchange 5.5/2003

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  • ADC - Exchange 5.5/2003

    Our Active Directory is connected to an old Exchange 5.5 system with an illegal name (company, Inc.) rather than take the chance of possibly screwing things royally, I was figuring on using EXMGERE utility to transfer data to our new Exchange 2003 server. The question I have is - how do I connect Active Directory to the new 2003 server and transfer the accounts? When I run exmerge it asks to connect to accounts on the 2003 server. If the AD is connected to the 5.5 server - the 2003 server isn't populated with the user accounts.

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    Re: ADC - Exchange 5.5/2003

    When you say your AD is connected to an old Exchange 5.5 system do you mean there are 2 separate AD forests?

    If so you can use ADMT to migrate users and then use exmerge to export to PST from the 5.5 system (less than 2GB mailboxes though) and then import to the new system. The PST files will be called alias.pst therefore they will import back in without problems (usually).


    If I have misunderstood though please let me know.

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