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unable to login after installing AD

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  • unable to login after installing AD

    I had installed AD in a machine as known AD removed this machine from a particular network domain and installed it in the domain name network i gave (i.e) "migrate" noe the problem is i am unable to login in this domain using the same administrative user id and password i used to install AD ,i also tried using the restore mode password while installing AD but it wont log in kindly help can i recover the password or i do i uninstall this AD from the current machine kindly suggest,urgent!!

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    Re: unable to login after installing AD

    i am not sure I got your correctly!!

    After installing active directory on a machine, you can not log on?

    This is the first active directory in the domain?
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      Re: unable to login after installing AD

      s, i am not unable to log in and s this is the first active dirctory installed can i have two domain controllers installed in the same machine is it possible


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        Re: unable to login after installing AD

        If this is similar to your previous thread then you cannot have two domain controllers on the same box unless you have the second within an VM (which is a poor idea anyway). If you have uninstalled the original AD then it is gone. If your new domain is called "migrate" then you should be able to log into this domain using the details you used when you created this domain.

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