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    Hi there,

    I kindly request expert advice in setting up our network. Iím planning to connect 3 branches to our new datacenter. All the branches are in different subnets and are connected to the datacenter by VPN. But, there is no interconnectivity between branches. Can I use Active Directory Replication strategy in datacenter and branches? Iím planning to have the central domain server at the datacenter and replicate the directory to the branches. Right now Iím having only 256kbps DSL connectivity between branches and datacenter. Can I setup this network with replication of the active directory or shall Iíve to go for forest-tree configuration?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Rajesh Joy

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    Re: Active Directory Replication

    If I understand correctly, you would like AD to behave like this:

    Datacenter replicates to all branches

    Branches all replicate to datacenter

    Branches do not replicate directly to each other.

    If this is right, this is pretty easy to setup in AD sites and services. Just setup the sites and have them connected to the datacenter site.

    As for 256kbps, it is a tad slow - how many users will there be, and how many GPOs? In 2003, every time you create a new GPO, it embeds about 4megs of files, so this is something to think about before creating 20 new GPOs on a Monday morning

    If it is a relatively small network, it shouldn't be too bad.
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      Re: Active Directory Replication

      Setup three Site Links, each Site Link will contain the Datacenter Site and Branch Site, disable Site Link Briding.

      By default each new Site Link will have a interval of 180 (meaning it will replicate every 3 hours) Change this depending on how often you want the branch<>datacenter sites to replicate. I use 30 minutes.

      KCC will take care of the rest.