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2 domains in separate forests, 1 network

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  • 2 domains in separate forests, 1 network

    Okay here goes...

    Company A has an AD nework with Server 2003, and exchange 2003. All is fine. two dc's 1 exchange, etc.

    Now, I've been asked if I can add an outside company's DC and Exchange 2007 servers to Company A's network.

    Call it company B. Company B has two servers, an exchange 2007 and a separate DC.

    Company B wil have NO users logging in. Zero. Company B is just using Company A's Internet connection to host email via outlook anywhere and owa.

    Company will have its own outside IP.

    Can both company's be on the same subnet?

    Oh, and there will NOT be any trusting or sharing between domains/forests.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

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    Re: 2 domains in separate forests, 1 network

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