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Problem with the WINS server event ID 12292

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  • MT61
    started a topic Problem with the WINS server event ID 12292

    Problem with the WINS server event ID 12292

    We are using W2K Server with SP4, Acer G510 server with Xeon processor 2,4 GHz, with 1 Gb of memory.
    SAV-DC-01 is an additional domain controller in the domain GOV_DMN_01 of the root domain controller GOV-RT-01.

    When start the WINS services it starts without any problem. By Starting the WINS server window, via the start, Administrator tools, WINS, you open the WINS server windows. It displays error “cannot find the WINS Server”.

    Verifying this error in the event viewer, you received the following error:
    Date: 12/03/2008 Source: SAM
    Time: 10:10 Category: None
    Type: Error Event ID: 12292
    User: GOV_DMN_01\WINS Users
    Computer: SAV-DC-01

    There are two or more objects that have the same account name attribute in the SAM database.
    The Distinguished Name of the account is CN="WINS Users
    CNF: 6c7be1dc-8a8f-4366-93b9-a2f639914d08",CN=Users,DC=gov_dmn_01,DC=Gov,DC=com .
    Please contact your system administrator to have all duplicate accounts deleted, but ensure that the original account remains.
    For computer accounts, the most recent account should be retained. In all the other cases, the older account should be kept.

    We had search in the AD on the server SAV-DC-01 and from the root domain controller server GOV-RT-01, only one name of SAV-DC-01 can be found.

    When restart the server, we got an info that “Computer name already exist”. This “SAV-DC-01” server is the only server physical deploy in our network.

    We verified the DNS and the WINS server of the root domain controller GOV-RT-01, only one name of “SAV-DC-01” can be found. The root domain controller is the only server with (replication partner), where all servers are being replicated (push/pull).

    Also we had tried to uninstall WINS server, rename in the folders WINNT\System32\ the ”wins” folder to “wins_old”. Restart server and reinstall WINS, also restart server once more and configure WINS server to verify problems. The problem remains the same.

    Is anyone out there who has knowledge how to trace a duplicate name in AD and to remove it?

    Are there any helpful tools that can be used to solve this problem?

    Is anyone out there who has any ideas how to solve this problem with WINS?

    Thanks in advance,
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  • James Haynes
    Re: Problem with the WINS server event ID 12292

    thanks for the follow up post with the links. im sure someone will find the information helpful.

    im tossing ya some karma on a thread well resolved!

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  • MT61
    Re: Problem with the WINS server event ID 12292

    To solve this problem or to find out what the problem is, check out this sites.

    This problem occur when you have replication collision in Windows 2000.

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