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LDAP Browser - Cannot browse domain

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  • LDAP Browser - Cannot browse domain

    This is a new forest, 2 Server 2003 DC's in separate sites. Just a single domain.

    I can use the AD Snap-in to manage the domain without a problem - even remotely. However, if I try to use an LDAP Browser or connect by other means to 389 or 3268, it fails. The browser specifically responds with "List failed". I'm also trying this locally on the DC's, so it's not possible for a firewall etc... to get in the way.

    Is there something I'm missing? I've built several domains and have not run into this. I've run verbose outputs of DCDiag & NetDiag, neither of which report any problems.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,

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    Re: LDAP Browser - Cannot browse domain

    Ok after doing some further testing.. I can login and view everything as Administrator. I just cannot do so using my own account, which is a member of Domain Admins & Enterprise Admins.


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      Re: LDAP Browser - Cannot browse domain

      Nevermind, this thread can be ignored/deleted. I'm just losing my mind...