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  • slow login and profile


    We have small network and we use win 2003 AD and win xp clients with roaming profile . In previous years every login was fast enough to avoid any complaints from users.
    But now few users are taking 3-5 minutes for loging. I get a fast response if I use administrator account or any dummy id to login to the domain.
    Is there any relation between user profile/home directory size and login speed?


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    Re: slow login and profile

    Yes there is a correlation between the roaming profile size and the speed of the logon. The larger the profile is the longer the logon will be as the profile has to downlaod from the profile server to the client machine. Check to see how large the profiles are for the users experiencing the slow logons.


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      Re: slow login and profile

      the profile are aroud 150 mb to 200 mb


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        Re: slow login and profile

        It seems to me that that would cause a slow login. you might try to reduce the size of the profile by deleting some files and maybe using My Documents redirection.


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          Re: slow login and profile

          reduce the profile size. The data is copied every time when the user logs in.
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            Re: slow login and profile


            Are you seeing this behaviour during the first logon to a workstation or also on consecutive logons?

            If you are seeing this behaviour with consecutive logons, Check to see if you have the policy setting "Deleted cached copies of Roaming Profiles" enabled?

            AFAIK, the roaming profile is not completely copied from the profile server if a cached copy exists already. Reducing the size of the profile is not a solution to the issue.

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