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  • Login Script Help

    I want to create a login script but i only want the script to run if the user logs onto a certain computer.

    i know i could add it to the computer startup section but i dont want all users to have this script run and dont want to have to reboot the computer each time.

    can this be accomplished?



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    Re: Login Script Help

    1. Apply the GPO on computers OU.
    2. Configure logon script.
    3. Configure loopback processing.
    4. Deny the "Apply policy" for the users to whom you do not want to use this script.

    Ask if further info is needed.

    Kapil Sharma
    Life is too short, Enjoy It.


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      Re: Login Script Help

      That looks like the option i require.

      I have an OU named Member Servers.

      i have moved all the servers into this OU

      i have linked a gpo that has a logon script and the loopback processing set to replace

      When i login and run gpresult it shows the gpo hasn't applied

      i dont know whether this makes a difference but it is a citrix server we are connecting too using the citrix client so not sure if there is a terminal services option i need to select somewhere.

      thanks for the help


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        Re: Login Script Help

        I just tried logging in locally to the server and the policy still hasn't applied for the user and the users other policies have.

        am i missing something out somewhere?




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          Re: Login Script Help

          GPRESULTS should show you why the GPO was not applied. What does it say? Does it say SOM?


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            Re: Login Script Help

            Sorry i just deleted the GPO and recreated it and it works

            must of done something silly wrong first time.

            This is perfect thanks for the help!!!