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DNS problem

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  • DNS problem


    Recently I installed a new server running Windows 2003, premoted to a DC and moved DNS (AD integrated) and DHCP from a retiring server. All seemed to working ok, ip addresses were being assigned, names were being resolved.

    We host 2 websites, 1 our main web running on a Win 2k box (which is working fine), our 2nd web (Intranet) is running on a Win 2003 box. My problem is when i try and access our intranet internally by typing in IE http://servername - the page is not displayed. Also when i try and ping the servername from a workstation it replies with our external ip address.
    If i add the ip address of the server and servername to the host file on the workstation i can access the intranet and the ping replies with the servers local ip address.

    Our network configuration is router - isa server - web servers

    Thanks in advance - hope this makes sense

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    problem fixed


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      Can you elaborate on your fix?
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