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GPO and Drive Mappings

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  • GPO and Drive Mappings

    Hi Guys,

    Just joined the forum but have found your help in google searches often.
    Your help is always appreciated.

    Heres what I now have an issue with:

    We are using Windows 2003 Server with a GPO across the board for the whole company. The GPO points to a login.bat file which has three lines in it.

    H: is the home personal folder
    P: is all personal folders incase users have access to more then one
    W: is the deparmental folders

    This works fine, except the users are now not permitted personal folders unless they are supervisors or management.

    So, is there a way to may all users to the W: \\departmentalfolder and then only map the P: and H: drives if you are a specific username?

    I have only ever used batch fole for login scripts, but am open to using vbs or something else if it better suits.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Re: GPO and Drive Mappings

    You can use a "if %username% == username" in your logon script. (Without the quotes).