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Problems joining a new DC to domain

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  • Problems joining a new DC to domain

    hi everyone.

    i got a strange problem that i hope you can help me with.

    got a windows 2003 server running as primary domain controller, and i got a second win2003 running as a DC too.

    now i want to join a 3rd server, this server is running windows 2003 R2.

    when i try to make it join the domain i get the error as shown on the picture below.

    i have tried running adprep, but all it tells me is that the domain is "fine" when i try to run adprep from the new 2003 R2 server it tells me it cant as it is not a part of the domain.

    can anyone help me ?
    any help would be greatly apriciated
    Tommi wassini
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    Re: Problems joining a new DC to domain


    Means you are running it from first CD......You need to run ADPREP from second CD of Windows 2003 R2 and it will work..............

    Kapil Sharma
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