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Going, Replica DC 2003

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  • Going, Replica DC 2003

    well i've done this process on a server just over a month ago... and of course i can't get it to work on a new one.

    we have a 2000 DC, ran the adprep, i've installed the 2003 ip=.3 box on the network, pointed the Primary DNS in the IP settings to .20 which is the 2000 box.

    every time i run DCPROMO and try and use the credentials it will fail!!::( i'm logging in with the administrator account on the 2000 DC! i can add the server as a member server to the 2000 domain without any issues.

    any tips would be awesome!

    ps... i went through the doc on this site just to make sure as well. the error(i'm reading it now) says that the domain controller domain.local could not be contacted!
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    Re: Going, Replica DC 2003

    Do you get any errors when executing dcdiag /v on the 2000 box ?
    Does the 2003 server report any errors in the output of netdiag ?

    Can you post the dcpromoui.log and dcpromo.log files from c:\windows\debug folder on the 2003 server ?
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      Re: Going, Replica DC 2003

      OK... i finally figured it out!! geesh, i knew it was something simple. i just changed the Primary DNS of the 2000 box to itself .20 and did nothing on the 2003 machine. it was still set for .20 as the primary. i ran nslookup to make sure it could see the right server and not the ISP.
      thanks for the site guys! not sure if any of that will help a user in the future.