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Win2K Adv - Sysvol not shared

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  • Win2K Adv - Sysvol not shared

    Guys, need your attention....

    I have 1 DC (old-running on Win2k) and want to migrate to another Win2k Server. The problem was... when i run dcpromo, all sucess (the popup shows after finish)... and when i check the sysvol folder using net share, no shared folder shown in the command prompt (which is sysvol)

    FYI, the old server is in mixed mode. Should i change it to native mode or just leave it as what it is? AD in old server is currently no problem at all (currently on production)

    DNS has been prepared and it copied to the new server. It still point to the old server (nslookup).

    What should i do? any setting i miss on the old server? I already do the same thing in another place last week and it's successfull. no changes made in the old server but at this place, sysvol was not shared...

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    Re: Win2K Adv - Sysvol not shared

    I,ve faced the same problem and i got the resolution from below Article:

    Please refer to below URL:
    Hari Shanker
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      Re: Win2K Adv - Sysvol not shared

      Guys.. i have found the solution.... after updating the windows update, it still occurs the same issues.... after further checking, i found this 3 steps...

      1. check value in the regedit
      HKEY Local Machine\System\Current Control Set\Services\NtFrs\Parameters
      it should have the value:- Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore (DWORD value) 0x00000000 (0). If exist, change the value to 1 and if not exist, please create a new one

      2. do this to netlogon at command prompt
      net ntfrs stop <-- wait for 5-10 minutes after successfull
      net ntfrs start

      3. Check SYSVOL sharing
      sharing \ permission
      it should have Administrator & Authenticated User (Full, Change, Read Access) and Everyone (Read Access)

      The new server will automatically shared the sysvol after several times.

      Anyway, thanks Shankerhari for your advise.... FYI, i already patch the windows update but not the latest one..


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        Re: Win2K Adv - Sysvol not shared

        If you are getting Journal_Wrap_error then just have a look at below link:

        Kapil Sharma
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