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I seem to be missing the Schema and Config attributes in AD

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  • I seem to be missing the Schema and Config attributes in AD

    I'm trying to upgrade my Windows Server 2000 (with Exchange 2000) network to Windows Server 2003 by introducing a new Win2003 server and making it a domain controller. Because of a bug in the Win2k version of AD related to Exchange 2000, the adprep/forestprep process will mangle some AD attributes related to Exchange, so I have to run a patch before running the Server 2003 adprep/domainprep process. The KB info on this issue is available here. There was a previous thread on this same issue in these forums which can be found here, but it's closed now.

    My problem is that the patch won't run correctly, and the output I'm getting is "directory object not found". Upon further investigation with ADSI Edit I have found that I'm missing the Schema and Configuration attributes in AD. I am receiving no errors in the Event Viewer under any category.

    Here is the output I get from running the script:

    Here is what I'm looking at in ADSI Edit:

    (In case it's not clear there are no other objects below the Domain object as in the picture below)

    Here's what I am expecting to find from the previous thread I mentioned above:

    Most instructions I have found around the Internet involve editing the Schema object, but I can't find it. Am I missing something here?

    In case it helps anyone, here are the results of netdiag and dcdiag (I have two other Win2k domain controllers on this network):
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