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Lost Laptops

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  • Lost Laptops

    Is there any way to have a message emailed to me when a laptop is logged into our AD 2000/Exchange 2000 network? One of our departments has misplaced 2 laptops and its unknown who has them, although its not really suspected they have been stolen, it would be beneficial if we could pin point who exactly is logged in to them when they rejoin the network.

    Can you think of any way to do this?

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    Re: Lost Laptops

    It will need to be a section to your logon script, probably in VBS. It will need to be deployed to all users, and it should check the computer name for the two rogues and if it finds one send an alert email via SMTP.

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      Re: Lost Laptops

      You could also disable the computer account in AD to see who calls to complain.


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        Re: Lost Laptops

        I do not think that if someone has stolen the laptop then he will bring it to the office......

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          Re: Lost Laptops

          FYI, get something like Computrace on computers after they're imaged, and it will make tracking a breeze. We've used it, and have recovered hardware with it. Remote formatting is really nice though
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