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  • DC 2000 to 2003

    I read the above article. It doesn't mention where the fix is run but I'm guessing it's run on your Server 2000 DC. I have 2 DC's so do I need to run the fix on both of them or just the primary? Does the fix update both DC's?

    I have 2 Server 2000 DC's, one of which is running exchange 2000.

    I have a new server running server 2003.

    My end goal is to upgrade my users from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003. I have to install AD for Exchange 2003. I'd like to use all existing accounts, which means having the server2003 machine joined to and being a DC.

    I need a basic step by step to do that and the articles I've read mention ADPREP and this inetorgpersonfix.ldf fix but they dont' say what order to run them in and they don't mention where these things shoud be run. They also don't take into account multiple Domain Controllers.

    I'm torn between either setting up a new domain on the server2003 box and then installing exchange and then pointing my client machines to the server2003/exchange2003 box.

    My other option sounds like going through many, many steps including this fix. The articles are pretty clear but not clear enough on what gets run where and a full order of when things should be run.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: DC 2000 to 2003

    I have since located and tried running ldifde.exe with the inetorgpersonfix.ldf and I get an error that entries don't exist.

    Here is what I see:

    Connecting to
    Logging in as current user using SSPI
    Importing directory from file "inetorgpersonfix.ldf"
    Loading Entries.
    Add Error on Line 3: No such Object
    The Server side error is "Directory object not found"
    0 entries modified successfully
    An error has occured in the program.

    I saw a thread about using adsiedit.msc but my snapin tool didn't look like the screenshot so I couldn't find a way to manually verify if the entries are fine or not. In other words, I don't know if I'm wasting my time trying to run this fix and am wondering if I can move on to just running ADPREP.exe.


    I guess i should state again that my goal is to introduce Exchange 2003 in a DC Server 2000 environment (exchange 2000 running on one of the servers). I'd like to demote one of the two existing Server 2000 DC's and make the Server 2003 system a DC alongside using one of the old DC's as a backup DC.



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      Re: DC 2000 to 2003

      check if it helps:

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