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Remove AD from a server

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  • Remove AD from a server

    Hi There

    i have a Domain Controller together
    with Exchage server located on the same machine.
    i would like to install another machine with a replication of the first domain controller database.
    in the end i want to remove the active directory from the 1st server
    and leave it only with the exchange server
    so i will have 2 servers , one with AD and one with Exchange

    is it possible ?

    how can i do it ?


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    Yes you can

    As long as it's not SBS, you can install a new DC, make it a GC and transfer all FSMO roles to the new GC.

    Notice that in this case, you are limited to a single domain in the forest, as Infrastructure Master FSMO on a GC will fail if you have cross-domain references. Infrastructure Master should not reside on a GC in a multi-domain environment.

    Backup both DCs and run dcpromo on Exchange to demote it. Reboot the Exchange and you should be set.

    Also take a look at this link:

    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"