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Question about native mode

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  • Question about native mode

    I am in the process of migrating from NT4 PDC to AD.
    I have Windows 2003 server standard and have created
    an Active Directory. The idea is that once migrated, the NT4
    PDC will be decomissioned.

    I was looking at the Active Directory Migration Tool ver 3, and when
    looking at the Security Translation Wizard, came across the error:
    target domain is not native mode.

    In my setup, is it safe to raise the AD functional level ?


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    Re: Question about native mode

    Yes; the only time it's unwise to raise the level is if there are legacy domain controllers in the Active Directory Domain; and in those circumstances you would be prevented from doing it anyway. The functional level of your AD Domain is completely independant of your old NT4 domain, even if you've gone so far as to add trusts between them.

    Hope this helps...

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      Re: Question about native mode

      Yes, exactly what I needed to confirm.
      BTW, I do have trusts setup, but it is
      only for the purpose of running ADMT.

      thanks a million.