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windows 2000 to win 2003 server migration

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  • windows 2000 to win 2003 server migration

    Hi Guys,

    I am having one windows 2000 server running as domain controller and file server.Now i need to migrate this server in to two different servers with win 2003 server one is for domain controller and another is for fileserver.

    I need your help on the following points

    Starting migration

    before migration install win2003 server,DNS server (do not configure) on two new servers

    1) Add two new win2003 servers as additional domain controllers in to present win 2000 server

    2) Wait for replication

    3) copying data from my present win 2000 server in to new win 2003 server using FSMT.My question is data is having different groups with different user permission (Ex:- sales,hr,marketing).

    4) For new dc copy FSMO,DHCP server

    5) Demote old server

    Please help me on my main question

    My new file server should be ADC for existing win 2000 server or member server also fine for copying data with all the permissions.

    Thanks for your help

    Best Regards

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    Re: windows 2000 to win 2003 server migration

    A member server is fine. You don't want to take the active directory replication load (not much if are in same site) to the new Windows 2003 DC with the file server.
    It depends, whether you u want to have backup server for the domain.
    What if Primary Server fails ? If u want to have backup server for primary DC then you can have as a ADC (fileserver).
    It totally depends on you what is ur network on the domain needs.


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      Re: windows 2000 to win 2003 server migration


      File permissions have nothing to do with DC. So member server would be fine.

      Even I do not recommend ADC to act as file server but if you are looking for cost saving then you can have both on same box.......

      Kapil Sharma
      Life is too short, Enjoy It.