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maxpagesize change in AD

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  • maxpagesize change in AD

    I need to increase the maxpagesize search in AD. I am interested in using the query policy feature in AD. However, I would prefer not to change this policy on a server or domain basis. Rather, I would like to set a policy where one particular user, when doing a search, can have a larger maxpagesize value than the rest of our users.

    For example, our ticketing system runs a link that searches the Users container on a nightly basis and, upon finding changes updates its' databases appropriately. I have this service running under a particular account. I would like to have this account be able to search say 10000 records as opposed to the 1000 which is standard within AD.

    Is this possible on a per user basis? Or do I need to make the change on a server or domain level?

    Thank you.


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    Re: maxpagesize change in AD

    The maxpagesize value is a default query policy which is applied to the forest, the LDAP policy is located at:

    CN=Default Query Policy,CN=Query-Policies,CN=Directory Service,CN=Windows NT,CN=Services,DC=<yourdomain>.....

    Be careful when modifying the maxpagesize as setting a too high of a value can have adverse affect on performance, the reason the default value is set to 1,000 is to prevent things such as DOS attacks and poorly compiled LDAP queries.

    I don't think there is a recommended setting for the maxpagesize, I do know you receive errors when the value is greater than 2,500. I require the maxpagesize at one site to be set to 5,000 and do not receive any performance issues.
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      Re: maxpagesize change in AD

      To perform a search where the result might exceed the 'default MaxPageSize' number of objects, the client must specify the paged search control. This is to group the returned results in groups that are no larger than the MaxPageSize value.

      MaxPageSize controls the number of objects that are returned in a single search result.
      The Default value is 1,000
      To change the default:
      I recommend to leave the default set to 1000, or at leased less then 2500.


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