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Restoring System state

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  • Restoring System state

    Hi Petri,

    The system state can only be restored to the same server hardware configuration? We've a test environment and what i did was to use ldifde to export and import our dreictory structure. I know how to install a 2nd domain controller on the same domain from a backup of the sytem state, but i want to know can i take the system state from one server configuration and restore to same domain running on different hardware.

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    Re: Restoring System state

    It depends on how different the hardware is. I have tried restoring System State and sometimes even if the HD controller is the same but the motherboard is substantially different then all you get is BSOD screens or Unrecognised boot device as such and no amount of repair installs or driver fixes seems to fix it.

    Best doing on the same or very closely matched hardware otherwise it will likely to fail!