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R2 Schema Inconsistency?

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  • R2 Schema Inconsistency?

    I ran the R2 ADPREP /FORESTPREP on the schema master in a forest root domain so I could add a new 2k3r2x64 domain controller. The update occured without errors, the DC was added and according to repadmin, replmon, event logs, etc, replication to all the other DC's was successful. The odd thing is that in the registries of all my x86systems it is showing a "schema version" of 31 and a "system schema version" of 30. My only x64-R2 box is showing both versions at 31. I wouldnt have even noticed if spotlight on AD didnt start kicking out "Schema inconsistency" errors.

    So I guess my question would be is the "Schema version = 31" the indicator for the forest level being at R2 and the "System Schema Version = 30" indicating that the server its self does not have R2 installed? Does it even matter or is this another case of a monitoring tool not understanding the infrastructure i.e. the app isnt expecting there to be a difference and probably needs an update.


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    Re: R2 Schema Inconsistency?

    Not sure whether the registry entries are updated after schema extension (could be that the DCs need reboot to catch up), but I'm 99.999% sure that if you see 31 when looking at objectVersion attribute of "cn=schema,cn=confguration,..." while pointing to non-R2 DC, you are ok.
    If you really had schema inconsistency, your event logs would be full with errors/warning.
    Guy Teverovsky
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      Re: R2 Schema Inconsistency?

      Schema version is upgraded to 31 on all the DCs if it is of R2.

      Now in your case if your are not seeing 31 on one DC that means Schema updations have not been replicated to this DC.

      Make sure that schema is getting replicated. That you can make sure using AD schema snap-in and connecting it to different DCs.

      If it's not getting replicated then fix the replication first.

      Kapil Sharma
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