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  • remote desktop connection

    I just installed AD on our 2003 server, now I cant get back in using Remote desktop connection. The server is hosted and that was my only way to get on. I was in the admin group. During installation I created a domain called and I also created a PW. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get back in using remote desktop connection.



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    Re: Active directory install - remote desktop

    Click the Options button on the logon screen so the Domain box is viewable and make sure you are logging on to the Machine or Domain, whichever you made the password for.
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      Re: remote desktop connection

      Yes, I finally figured out I need to log in using the domain name before my user name. Well my applcation would not install on a AD server so I uninstalled it and it seems I can't even connect to the server at all now. I hate not having the box right buy me. Thanks for these response time to run a restore.