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Upgrade plan to AD2003

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  • Upgrade plan to AD2003

    In my company we have to upgrade from NT Domain Controller to AD2003.

    The plan of upgrading the domain looks like this till now:

    1. Create Backup DC in temporary VMWARE enviroment
    2. Move VMWARE BDC to different subnet (from 192.168. to 10.1) and promote it to PDC
    3. Upgrade to AD2000 (direct upgrade to AD2003 isnt possible, blue screen while installing W2K3)
    4. Upgrade to AD2003 and create DNS records (AD implemented) for all computers with the real life adresses (192.168.x.x) except for vmware AD box.
    5. Install W2K3 and AD replica on brand new standalone server and set it to master.
    6. Disable Netlogin for old NT based domain controllers (shutting down those machines isn't possible at the moment because of things running on them)
    7. Move AD2003 master box to subnet 192.168.x.x and fix DNS records pointing to 10.1

    Would this plan work flawlessly? Without any nerves wrecking situations and staying at work till midnight or morning after trying to fix unplanned events?

    What should I be carefull about?

    Any help would be appriciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS.: Have in mind that I am new into Microsoft server enviroment and AD.

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    Re: Upgrade plan to AD2003

    there are about a dozen threads about this topic already here. UTFSE and if that doesnt answer all the questions you have, then i suggest looking at this M$ page...

    This page contains the following files for download:

    * Introduction
    * Ch 1: Planning the Migration
    * Ch 2: Upgrading to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
    * Ch 3: Upgrading and Migrating WINS and DHCP Servers to Windows Server 2003
    * Ch 4: Migrating to Windows Server 2003 File and Print Servers
    * Ch 5: Migrating to Windows Server 2003 Dial-up and VPN Remote Access Servers
    * Ch 6: Migrating Web Sites from IIS 4.0 to IIS 6.0
    * Ch 7: Migrating to Group Policy-Based Administration

    read it all the way thru and you shouldnt have any problems with your migration.
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      Re: Upgrade plan to AD2003

      I have read everything and still haven't found an answer.

      If I take NT BDC and promote it to PDC in different subnet, upgrade it there to 2003 native mode and then after everything is working in that enviroment, I move it to the subnet where there are existing NT4 PDC and BDC domain controllers and fix DNS records for that server (which will be on the same machine as AD), previously disable netlogon on NTPDC and BDC, will it work without any problems? Or must the process of upgrade be done in the same subnet as it will be in the production enviroment?

      More shortly.... Can I move upgraded AD from subnet 10.1 to subnet 192.168 where there are existing NT PDC and NT BDC controllers with disabled Netlogon service?

      Thanks in advance
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        Re: Upgrade plan to AD2003

        I have to say this, and you're not going to like it much but it is best advice:

        If you are new to AD, get a hired experienced professional in to help you through the job. The expense is worth it. You will meet unplanned events, and the word "flawlessly" simply does not exist, and you will thank your lucky stars you decided to be wise and get a pro in to help you through. Trying to do it yourself in a production environment is too risky.

        Also, you will learn a lot if you get a nice pro who is happy to explain stuff as you go through it together.
        Best wishes,
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