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Can I have Multiple Site Links?

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  • Can I have Multiple Site Links?

    I'm working on optimizing the AD structure/design in a 2 site company. We currently have Site A with DC1a and DC2a and Site B with similarly named DCs. In each site there are links setup to replicate from DC1a<->DC2a and DC1b<->DC2b... we also have an intersite link setup for DC1a<->DC1b.

    I would like to either add a DC2a<->DC2b intersite link, or if that is not possible, change the existing single site link over the the DC2 servers... Can i have multiple links between sites? If not, can anyone recommend a process for changing the existing link over to a different set of servers?

    I'm not sure if that is enough info for ya'll to provide some direction, so if you need a better description, let me know. I'm familiar with the admin of AD, not so much with the architecture.

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    Re: Can I have Multiple Site Links?

    Hi Rowdy1124,
    The answer is yes you can. You can evan make certain links preferred by adjusting a costing on the links.

    This technet article might help.
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