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    I am in the process of adding several hundred new users to our corporate active directory as part of expanding Exchange throughout our organization. I would like to take advantage of the query-based distribution groups. There are a number of fields in active directory that I can use in order to develop these queries, but the description on the dialog boxes will not match up to the data that is actually contained in the field. Is there a way to change the description on the dialog box? I really don't care what the field name is as long as the next user entering data can understand what is supposed to be entered into the field.

    In addition, is there any easy way to convert any of these fields into pull down boxes? That would allow me to ensure consistancy on the data entry side as we move forward or perform maintenance.

    I have spent 2 days researching microsoft's site, along with numerous other websites looking for an answer. I have found out how to add attributes and classes to active directory, but I can find out how to place the fields on the dialog box/tabs in active directory in order to be able to enter and update the data.

    I would appreciate any assistance anyone might be able to provide.