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can not add another domain controller at remote site

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  • can not add another domain controller at remote site

    My server is windows 2000 and client use windows XP professional.
    My company use single domain model with multi domain controller.
    I have one headoffice and many branch. The root domain is in headoffice and have one domain controller in every branch. Now one branch need to add another one domain controller. My problem is, when I tried to run dcpromo at that branch it told me that can not connect to domain controller. I found that server did not connect to root domain controller. Every time it tired to connect only domain controller at that branch. The server that i tired to promote already set dns in tcp property point to the root domain controller at headoffice. Although I shutdown domain controller at that branch, when run dcpromo again the server still did not connect to root domain controller but it tired to promote with others domain controller at others branch and cound not promote.
    How can i force it connect directly to the root domain controller.

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    Do you have the correct site defined for the new branch office ? What is your replication topology ?

    Try to add the ip scope of the new branch office to the headquaters site. Later define a new site for the branch office.

    Double check the DNS SRV records. I have seen more then once replication failures as a result of misconfigured DNS.

    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: can not add another domain controller at remote site


      first on this DC check the file dcpromo.log ==> C:\WINDOWS\Debug\DCPROMO.LOG
      any error at the end of the file??

      maybe share this file with us?