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BIG PROBLEM coming to my network

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  • BIG PROBLEM coming to my network

    hello . how are you all
    I am alex. new member and happy to be here.
    I am a net admin of about 180 computers. because of management changes in the corp , some of "fool brain "managers decide for us to be CHILD of another domain .

    now ,I have 2 DC ( main and additional ) in my net. and 1 ANT.VIR srv and 2 FS srv. because of our corp is joined to the new big corp , we should use their applications that run from their APP server. those applications are all "ACTIVE DIRECTORY AUTHENTICATION" they forced me to be child of them JUST for "AD authentication"
    I have two ways :
    1- obey them and demote my domain controller to child domain.
    2- implementing a trust relation ship between my dc and theirs.

    if I select the first , I think that this is so "time consuming " for 180 computers and 220 user profiles( there are some computers with multiple user profile)
    because of:
    A- migrating user profiles ( there are all local, NOT roaming )
    B-MY DOCUMENTS folder ( I cant use "my document redirection" because "mydocument" folder is exist in drive D but with deferent names for some users)

    I hardly select the second solution , because my manager FORCED me to become child of them. and I hardly refuse.:

    is it true to select the first solution or i should select "trust" ? what i your idea?

    dear "site admin" :
    I searched in topics, but I did not find a problem similar to mine.

    thanks all.