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  • Designing an AD - Questions

    I currently have a NT4 domain with roughly 30 computers attached.
    I want my network to be an active directory.

    In my current network configuration, the PDC domain is MYCOMPANY. I have a real domain registered like which is different from the primary domain So, should I try to migrate the NT4 domain or should I start from scratch ? My concern is the issue of MYCOMPANY vs I am also highly concerned about the users. If they have been loggin in as user.mycompany (can see it under documents and settings on XP), and change to, the user will not have access to settings and files and will require a complete setup of the user again. I did not find a utility to copy user A to user B preserving all info.

    thanks for any planning assistance.

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    Re: Designing an AD - Questions


    I would recommend you to go for migration rather than upgradation. As you are not having a very large setup just go as follows:

    1. Create a new AD domain with whatever new name you want.
    2. Use migration tool (ADMT) to migrate users and computers after completing the pre-requisites e.g. establishing TRUST, configuring name resolution etc.
    3. As far as user profiles are concerned, you can use USMT i.e user migration tool to migrate the user profiles.

    Below is the link to download USMT:

    Ask if you have further queries........
    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: Designing an AD - Questions

      I need some clarification.

      When a Network user logs into an XP Pro box the first time, it creates
      a directory structure for them under "documents and settings". So,
      user ksukat in domain1 and ksukat in domain2 are treated as two
      different users, and files created by one are not (by default) accessible
      by the other.

      I have several users in domain1 (NT PDC). I have created a new AD domain2.
      I want to create all the users and computers from domain1 into domain2. In addition, I want all the files for [email protected] on an XP computer to be moved
      to [email protected] on the same computer. If I don't have this, then I will have one whale of a mess on my hands by creating a new domain instead of migrating the NT4 domain.

      thanks for any clarifications.


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        Re: Designing an AD - Questions

        To Clarify,

        Once you have set up the new domain, you run the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) as mentioned in kapilsharma11 post.

        This migrates all users and computers in domain1 onto domain2 including all security, profile settings etc...

        When a user logs on, ensure they select domain2 from the domains list to log on to the correct domain.

        hope this clarifies things.
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